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At this time, there are 4 (four) basic programs offered by Self-Defense of Knoxville: (1) EZ Defense for Women; (2) Evade the Blade: Knife Survival Course; (3) Women’s Personal Journey Workshop; and (4) “In Control” for Children. Please see descriptions of each below. You may sign up for any of these on-going classes by visiting the Event Registration page. As time goes by we will add other unique programs, so please check back often!

It's okay to say NO!(1) EZ Defense for Women

This is a highly-specialized self-defense program designed to teach participants to successfully handle the multitude of confrontations that occur in our fast-pace world. Unlike most programs that concentrate on what to do when attacked, EZ Defense students learn to assess danger, set boundaries, respond effectively to verbal attacks, prevent physical attacks, and cope with the adrenal rush that occurs in any threatening situation. These programs draw upon 30 years of intensive research and development.

The cost for this program is regularly $65.00. Reservations are required, as space is limited. If you have know someone who is looking for a self-defense course, this is highly-recommended seminar may be perfect for them. Please call for dates or GO HERE to sign up today! Call today (865) 310-3317.

(2) Evade the Blade: Knife Survival Course

This 4.5 hour seminar is suitable for those who have already taken an EZ Defense Course, or those who have no previous personal combat experience. Appropriate for men and women 12 and up.

This essential self-defense course teaches practical, hard-core defense against a weaponed attacker. Participants get realistic, scenario-based experience. Come out with the knowledge and skills necessary to be better prepared in the case of an attack. Knife attacks evoke fear: preparation provides survival. Join us for this top-notch seminar and arm yourself with knowledge!

Cost is $25.00 and reservations are required, as space is limited. If you or someone you know is interested in this course, please call for dates or GO HERE to sign up today! Call today (865) 310-3317.

(3) Women’s Personal Journey Workshop by Christine Barckhoff, LCSW

Spend some time away from the outside world and journey to within. At this relaxing, day-long workshop retreat you will:

  1. Learn ways to find peaceful and rejuvenating moments in your day.
  2. Identify your inner strength and combat negativity.
  3. Find your own soulful ingredients for a happy, balanced life.
  4. Tap into your creativity.
  5. Spend time with yourself because YOU NEED AND DESERVE IT!

This fun, intimate retreat will use journaling, art and mindfulness strategies to help you reconnect with yourself and other women. No experience required, just dress comfortably and come prepared to refuel yourself!

Sponsored by Arts of the Samurai
129 Killarney Rd
Knoxville, TN 37923

Fee ($50.00) includes continental breakfast, sack lunch, snacks and supplies!

For further Information call: Christine Barckhoff 865.924.2200

In Control for Kids(4) “In Control” for Children

“In Control” for Children covers everything from how to handle bullies effectively without violating zero-tolerance policies, to stranger danger and how to deal with adult threats. Taught in a safe, supportive environment with expert instructors, children feel more confident coming away with a sense of empowerment.

These seminars are taught once a month, on a Saturday, and are approximately 3 hours long. Snacks and water are provided. Children receive a certificate upon completion of the seminar.  The cost for this program is regularly $45.00. Reservations are required, as space is limited. If you have a child or know someone who does, this is a highly-recommended seminar. Please call for dates and to sign your child up today! Call today (865) 310-3317.

Disclaimer: Self-Defense of Knoxville teaches EZ-Defense for Women and for Children, a nationally recognized self-defense course. Most of the time an attack can be avoided by using verbal skills and environmental awareness, among other things. One CANNOT learn the full extent of these skills simply by viewing a video. Viewing sample videos is no substitute for hands-on learning. Therefore, it is suggested you complete the full-length courses as described above, in order to obtain the proper skill set.

2 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. what are the age requirements for the “IN CONTROL” kids seminar? and are parents allowed to accompany inside the seminar?

  2. Hello and thanks for your questions! The ages are 5 to 10 years, and absolutely parents are allowed to watch and accompany their children in to the workshop; it’s important you know what we teach them! Please feel free to email or call with any more questions.

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